Friday, May 30, 2014

Self Concept Struggles

It's hard to be a kid these days.  The media, newspapers, magazines, movies, and television are all portraying an image of society that is very hard to live by.  For instance, reading magazines or listening to the radio, I am constantly seeing and hearing advertisements for weight loss drugs or seeing pictures of extremely thin women.  Is this concept a reality?  Why do companies feel the need to advertise that "you can lose so much weight with one simple pill!"  I find the complete notion of this to be crazy and unrealistic.  We should be telling people to love who they are.  I have seen Dove commercials in which they do this very thing, empowering women by saying it's okay to be different, it's okay to be you.  I think that is the message society should be promoting.  I have complied a collage of pictures that I think the media portrays and is indirectly telling adolescents that this is the way to be, or not to be in some cases.  

When looking at these pictures, imagine just how hard it is for adolescents growing up in today's society.  The media and it's imagery can have a far ranging effect on the classroom.  Girls who are not focused on the task at hand, but rather how they look and how many calories they ate that day.  Or boy's who are thinking that if they could just be better at sports, or are focused on maintaining that "jock" or "bad boy" image.  When children are to focused on how they should be and making comparisons between that and who they are, they could be distracted, unmotivated, and off task. 

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