Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bilingual Education in the Classroom

While reading cluster 5, I was particularly interested in reading about bilingual education.  I was observing in a school in Newburgh last semester and the teacher I was with was telling about the bilingual program the elementary school has. In this program a child will learning one day in Spanish, and the next day to do a different teacher and essentially learn the material again in English.  This program is not just open to Spanish speaking children or English Language Learners, but rather is open to anyone who wants to enroll in the program.  It would be a great way for ELL's to learn English and be able to understand the concepts of what is being taught since the information is being reinforced in both English and Spanish, but it is also a great way for an English speaking child to become bilingual in Spanish.  I think more programs such as this should be available.  When I was reading the chapter in the textbook about sheltered instruction, it made me think of this bilingual program and how beneficial a program such as this could be. 

Check out this video that talks more in depth about bilingual education.

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