Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bioecological Theory of Development

Cluster three in Anita Woolfolk's textbook Educational Psychology, discusses a lot about childhood development, both motor and physical.  It was interesting to read about how children develop and mature differently and how they mature can affect their social relationships.  I was particularly interested in Urie Bronfenbrenner's discussion of development occurring though environmental interactions.  This does not specifically mean interaction in nature, but more so interactions that occur between your immediate environment such as family, friends, or school.  The concept goes further to discuss how interactions between oneself and the cultural environment they can in can shape their development.  Cluster three also touches on how self-concept develops and how self-concept develops through self-evaluations in different situations.  I think the idea of self-concept is very important for the developing child.  A child with poor self esteem and self-concept may have difficulty focusing in class because they are not confident in themselves and their abilities.  


Check out this video about Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Model

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