Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Testing My Memory

After listening to a section of information on Russian culture, I was asked to write down what I remembered.  Let's see how well I can do!

1. Russian people think it's bad luck to shake hands across a doorway.
2. Russian in the common language spoken in Russia.
3. Western dress is very popular and Russian people dress impressively.
4. Russian people have a strong, firm handshake and introduce themselves formally when meeting new people using their title and full name.
5. Shorts and jeans are often worn in the summer months.
6. The primary religion in Russia is Orthodox.


As we learned in class, to achieve information processing, we must attend, encode, store, and then retrieve information.  When hearing the passage read, I listened attentively to the passage and blocked out external noise to focus on what was being read.  I think this helped me to remember some of the facts!

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